Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Tubby Has Left the Building!

We just heard from Liam's surgeons and everything went really well, Tubby the Tumour is gone and all preliminary reports again suggest that it is a low grade, benign tumour that should not require any more treatment. Please pray against infection and that he recovers as well as he did the last time!
Many thanks to all who have been praying so diligently.


  1. Oh PRAISE THE LORD!!!!! Thank-goodness. Telling Nick and Abby now.


  2. Priase the LORD!!!Praise the Lord! I rejoice with you! I am praying against infection.
    Have you heard back about the room at the McDonald house?

  3. hurray!God is so good! This is amazing news! I have been, and definitely will, continue to pray for Liam and your family.

  4. Will be praying against infection. PRAISE THE LORD FOR THE POSITIVE REPORT! Please keep us up to date on the recovery process. Love you guys!

  5. God is so good!! I have been praying for you all and I am so thankful to God that things are going well! I will continue to pray for Liam quick recovery. God is so faithful!

    With Love in Christ


  6. Justin thinks that "Tubby" is a cool name!!!!!
    We are glad he has left!!!!!!
    We continue to pray for your healing, Liam, and for peace for you and your Mom and Dad.
    We are also praying for Daniel, Caroline and TJ!
    We pray for your fast recovery and no infections and no "itchies"!!!
    Karen, Craig, Brandon and Justin

  7. Yea GOD!!!!!! Thank you for your healing hand on Liam. I will be praying for a quick healing for you my little man. I love you!

    I am doing the snoopy dance right now.....


  8. Liam!
    Miss Penny from Burlington has faithfully been praying for you all day (all week!). She has just called to see how you made out today. I wanted you to know how faithfuly she has been and so many others to praying and thinking continually about you!

    Love You,
    Cheri & Gerald

  9. Hi Liam

    Here is my prayer - Thank you Dear Lord for the amazing work you have been doing in Liam. Thank you too for his strength and courage. I am praying for no itchies, no infection and a miraculous recovery!
    Thank you too for his surgeons. We also pray for the other children there with Liam that they may truly see answered prayers and that God is faithful.

    Liam - you are amazing - loved the video by the way even though I am scared of rollercoasters! You are more brave than I.

    Kim and Jay - love to you both and all the family. Give them all a big hug for me. I will continue to pray....


  10. Hey!

    I am so glad to hear that the surgery went well and that Tubby is gone. I have been praying all day and for the last few weeks for all of you!

    Here is my prayer for you:
    Thank you Lord of Lords for keeping Liam safe throughout the surgery. And thank you for your healing hand on him after the first surgery, and Lord, I pray that you will continue your miraculous healing on Liam and that there will be no infection. Lord, thank you SO much for the opportunities you've made for Kim and Jay while they're at McMaster and Lord I pray for all of the McGibbon family to get much needed rest. And Lord I pray for all of the prayer partners and thank you Lord, for drawing upon so many people that have been praying so faithfully for Liam as he has undergone the surgeries. And, Lord, I pray for the others in the hospital, that they may be touched by your hand, and through your servants, they may come to you. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

    Liam, you have been completely amazing! I will continue praying for you! I miss all of you!
    Lots of love,

  11. Jenni Seppenwoolde12 November 2008 at 18:17

    Praise God!! I'm so happy to hear that the surgery went well today and that Tubby is gone! Liam, I pray that you recover well and quickly. That you won't feel any pain and that your head won't be itchy. I also pray for all the kids in the hospital as well, that God would lay his healing hand upon them and guide their doctors just as he is doing for you!

    Love you!!

  12. This is such wonderful news. We have been praying for you Liam that Tubby leaves you for good. God is so awesome, we are rejoicing in this day that he has made. Hugs, and many blessings to you for a speedy recovery. Lovingly, The Gariepys, Andrew, Kim, Mitchell, Brandan & Andre.

  13. Hi Liam,
    All I can say right now is YAY! I am SO happy to hear that everything went well and that Tubby is gone! I will pray for you during your recovery time that everything heals quickly and the itchiness goes away fast.
    You are awesome, Liam! I can't wait to see you!
    Maika Gergereau

  14. Liam, we are so proud of you! I loved your video and you looked so good riding that rollercoaster with the cheerios on your head! We are thinking of you all the time and all of our most positive energy is being sent your way to get you through these next few days. You and your family are a great inspiration to every one of us. Keep up that good work and we will see you hopefully this weekend too.
    Dini, Mark and Maddie

  15. Liam - Brynne, Ben and I are so happy to hear that your surgery went well and that Tubby is gone. Congratulations! Feel better soon and know that all of your friends from EW Foster are thinking of you.

    Lori, Brynne and Ben Madden

  16. Wonderful Glorious Lord - So glad to hear Liam is doing well. We will continue to pray for you Liam for a speedy and healthy recovery. We are praying for you Kim,Jason & the family. Hope to see you soon.


    Kathleen, Frank, Travis, Ryan & Andrew

  17. WOW! Our God is so awesome!
    Praises to Him!
    My family is still praying for you Liam.
    You're doing great!

    Noelia Evangelista

  18. The pastoral care team at Trinity United Church in Oakville prayed for Liam this morning at their meeting.

    Peace in Christ,

    Rev. Darrow Woods
    (Trinity's new minister)

  19. Hey Liam
    Your faith has been encouraging to me. I will continue to pray for you and all of the Bibles you have given.

    Vicki MacCallum (mississauga sanctuary)

  20. Hey! This song keeps going through my mind:

    God is good all the time
    He put a song of praise in this heart of mine
    God is good all the time
    Through the darkest night, His light will shine
    God is good, God is good all the time

    If you're walking through the valley
    And there are shadows all around
    Do not fear, He will guide you
    He will keep you safe and sound
    'Cause He's promised to never leave you
    Nor forsake you and His Word is true


    We were sinners - so unworthy
    Still for us He chose to die
    Filled us with His Holy Spirit
    Now we can stand and testify
    That His love is everlasting
    And His mercies - they will never end


    Still praying...

  21. Hey Liam,

    We are all rejoicing and praising God for his Great work through your surgeons - Asta la vista Tubby!

    Father creator of all things, thank you for creating Liam with the strength from such a young age to stand against this illness, we continue to pray for protection over any infections, or additional pain, thank you Lord that you care so much about every detail, you know Kimberley and Jason also need rest and I pray that you would make way for that to happen also. Thank you for the doctors and nurses that care for all these children and we lift them up to you and their families and ask that you reveal to visitors or Jason, Kimberley or Liam someone who needs to know the love you have for each of us.
    In the precious name of Jesus, Amen

    Liam we are so proud of you little buddy for your strength, patience, care and love - you are very special.

    Special hugs to Caroline, Daniel and TJ who are missing their brother, praying for their little hearts to be comforted too.

    Love Michelle.

  22. Hi Liam-the-Tubbyless-kiddo!

    Praise God for His tender mercies everyday!

    Yippy Skippy, Tubby is History!

    Leslie Smith

  23. Hi Liam & family,

    To God be the glory great things he has done!!!!!!! It is evident God is in control and He will see you through. I will continue to pray for God's speed on your recovery!!

    God bless,

    Debra Wood (N Ft Myers, FL)

  24. Precious family,

    There were shouts of joy throughout the crowd this morning when we announced the amazing news to our coworkers here at the training center! Ethan broke out in singing "Our God is an Awesome God" after he heard the good news yesterday. Of course we all joined in and made quite a racket in the cafeteria:-) We love you and miss you, and we promise to keep praying!

    Love, April, Jeremy, DJ, Ethan, Isaac and Caleb

  25. Liam,
    When you were just a little guy, I remember teaching you that you were special because GOD made you and we made a button that day for you to wear, which you wore proudly for days. You truly are GOD's creation and You are VERY special to us and to GOD. I love to hear how GOD is flowing in you and through you and how brave he is making you. We love you Liam and we are praying constantly for you and all your wonderful family. Love Bruce, Janet and LeeAnn Verbeek xxoo

  26. Howdy Liam,
    We are praying for you in Texas!
    Matt, Kelly, Rae, Liv

  27. Dear Liam,
    like everyone said, we have an awesome God and He loves you very much, as we do too. We praise Him and ask that He continues to heal you and restore you totally, the video is so cool. I wonder how you will look in the next video. We'll pray that there will be no infection, that you can keep your food down, and will have the rest you need to recover.
    May God keep you all, the whole family strong and well.

    With love and blessings,
    Wolf and Monika
    p.s.I liked the story from Janet Verbeek, you always have been a great kid in my class too.X0XOXO

  28. Liam, I just talked to Miss Penny (from Burlington) and she was up praying for you from 2:00 a.m. until 4:30 a.m. WOW!! I bet her prayers were powerful. I didn't see you this morning and I miss you already! So, here's a "thumbs" up and a "wink" for you for your morning HELLO! I am praying for you right now that your head is not itchy, that you would experience no pain, that your tummy would feel NO upset and that today you would have undisturbed rest so you can better faster than any doctor could imagine. We love you and will see you soon.
    xx Cheri & Gerald

  29. Dear Kimberley and Jason and Liam,
    Thinking of you and hoping all is well in the first recovery day. Praying for you. lots of love, joy and jim

  30. We've been praying for you Liam and are so thankful and praise God with you and your family.
    I think the faith you and your family have are such an amazing thing and sooooo many people have been touched by you and your journey.

    From the Lamme family (the Oakville Sanctuary)

    P.S. My kids ask everyday to check your blog for an update, it's been a privilege to "peek" in at the story of your life....thank you!

  31. Mr. Neil Russell and Miss Janet are SO happy about the good results. We know you are awesome and you have an AWESOME GOD! Take good care and tell Mom and Dad that we love them. I expect to see you swimming at our house again by June 2009!!!

    Miss Janet

  32. The Chase family rejoices with you and wishes you all the best for a quick and safe recovery! We expect a video from you next summer on the real Behemoth at Wonderland. Love, Lori, Jeff, Gabbi, Noah and Isaiah Chase