Friday, 7 November 2008

This is the Day

“This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.”
Psalm 118:24

This scripture has been flooding my heart and my mind ever since we heard the news that Liam would have to undergo another surgery. I have to admit at first I kept talking to God and asking "why have me think of this scripture? Today is not a good day. Give me another scripture to hold on to. I don’t like this scripture today. It is hard to rejoice when I am shocked, heartbroken and tired." But as the night wore on the scripture would not go away and I found myself humming an old praise song called “This is the day”. It is a happy upbeat song and the more I repeated the scripture and sang the song the more I felt at peace. Today, I think my emotions are once again following God’s will for my life. Although I still wish that Liam did not have to go through anymore pain I am confident that His love for Liam and for us has not changed. He knew that Liam would face this and already we are seeing moments of God’s grace and beauty. Even last night during my low moments God was providing opportunities. I had a conversation with the grandmother of the little girl who was in Liam’s Critical Care unit. She is a Muslim woman who loves her granddaughter with all of her heart and is devastated by her condition and scared of what will happen. It had been a particularly hard day as her granddaughter had been struggling since last night. We shared our sorrows and then God provided an opportunity to share my hope in my God that loves us so much and wants to heal us. I shared that He wanted it so badly that He sacrificed His own son Jesus so that we would be saved. I also shared with her that I had been praying to my God that saves and singing praises over her granddaughter while I was in the PCCU and that I would continue to do so. She listened intently and said “Yes please, please keep praying to the God you know.” I promised her that I would also ask all of you. Please pray for this family. Pray for the little girl’s physical healing. Pray that God would get all the glory for everything that happens. Pray that this beautiful Grandmother would begin to see more of Jesus and how He really does save those who put their trust in Him. Pray too that I would be given more opportunities to support her and her family.

Our prayer specific needs for today are for Liam’s physical restoration. He has asked me to ask you all to pray that his head would stop itching and that his stomach would not be upset any more. He has still not been able to keep anything down. Please pray too that the swelling that has started today would recede. Pray that Jason and I would continue to lay our burdens at Jesus feet. Pray that Dr. Singh would be able to make all the arrangements that she wants to make today for Liam’s next surgery. Please keep praying. Many times throughout the night last night Liam would wake me up to ask who was praying right at that moment. When I would tell him, he would always drift right off to a peaceful sleep again. It is a huge comfort for him.


  1. Thank you for taking the time away from Liam to let us know what is going on and how to pray specifically for his comfort and for those sharing his room. Our hearts go out to you all. We love you and are praying continually for Liam.
    Love you
    Will & Bev

  2. You all remain in our constant thoughts and prayers.
    We love you.
    Karen, Craig, Brandon and Justin

  3. Thank you for validating that same scripture that I also received on Wednesday and puzzled briefly over. God is Good.
    Here is my prayer for today:
    Dear Lord,
    Today again I stand in the gap for Liam and his family. I beseech You to make your presence known to Liam as he knows that itches, sore tummies and swelling are only temporary and soon his hair will grow back and he will be able to accept food once again so he can grow strong for the next steps. I pray for the opportunities the entire McGibbon family use to spread the word of Your love and healing powers. I continue to pray for Your peace to flow through the hospital and surround Liam, Kimberley and Jason as well as everyone who loves Liam. I pray that the impact of this family trauma not be burdensome, but a gift to bring the family into focus, unified with one purpose to serve God in whatever ways they are able. Lord I am praying that You will hold all the McGibbon children close, that they may feel Your comfort. Lord, you are our Rock, our foundation, and our comforter. In Jesus name we trust, Amen

  4. Liam is not alone in this Trail, He has a mighty God watching over and protecting him. He will provide with the peace, strength and healing..Continuing to pray for All of you..Love..Raj and Richa

  5. We love you and it is a privilege as a family to share your heartwrenching journey. It hits so close to home and has been an incredible faith lesson for our children to take part in. We serve an awesome God and are rarely privy to His greater plan--yet we always know that He will be glorified....the song that keeps coming to my mind today by the great Keith Greene says it best: "Oh Lord, you're beautiful. Your face is all I see. For when your eyes are on this child, your grace abounds to me." -- love the Chase Family

  6. Dear Kimberley and Jason, dear Liam, may our almighty God hold you close, take the pain away, strengthen you and give you the opportunity to pass His love around as you talk to people in the hospital. You are the light there for His glory.
    We love you, thank you for sharing with us,
    Wolf and Monika

  7. We lift you up tonight Liam, Kimberly, and Jason, for our God neither slumbers nor sleeps and keeps his watch over you. He will keep you in perfect peace whose mind is stayed upon Him, because you put your trust in Him. Jesus is everything....everything.
    The Hayes Clan in Asheville North Carolina -- your hand prints hang in our Sunday School classroom.

  8. Dear Liam and family, while I was praying for you last night this song came to my mind and I thought I would post the lyrics for your encouragement and comfort:

    All I Really Need

    Words and music by Mark Altrogge
    As recorded on 'In a Little While'


    In the darkest hour I must face
    I’m counting on Your grace to give me all I need
    Sunless days and cheerless nights will pass
    And work their work at last to form Your joy in me
    For when I am weak
    I find that You are strong, and

    All I really need is Your grace
    All I need to know is You are near me
    All I need is You
    All I really need is Your grace
    All I need to know is You are for me
    All I need is You
    All I need is You

    Some may place their hope in feeble men
    I can’t do that again, for only You are strong
    I will pray to God who lifts my head
    To You who came and shed
    Your blood for all my wrongs
    For when I am weak
    I find that You are strong, and

    Lord, I know You hear my every sigh
    You hear the raven’s cry and give the sparrow food
    How much more will You provide in love
    For those You bought with blood
    and work all things for good
    And when I am weak
    I find that You are strong, and

    © 2006 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)
    I will continue to pray for you all...

    With Love in Christ