Thursday, 20 November 2008

Liam is Home - Some Picture Memories

We made it home yesterday with Liam safe and sound! Everyone was very excited to see him. He is doing really well. He can walk short distances around the house without assistance. Stairs can still be a bit of challenge but again he does great with someone helping him. A physiotherapist will come to our house once a week to check his progress and some equipment will be delivered to our house today to make life a bit easier for Liam until he gets his strength back. For example if you see us out and about Liam will have a walker for a bit but with the way he has been progressing I am sure he will not need it for long.

It was often a bit of challenge to get posts up at the hospital so some most of our pictures never made it. We thought we would just post a few of our faves.

This is Uncle Brandon (Jason's brother) and Liam playing a Wii boxing game, the day before Liam's second surgery. It got a bit competitive and I was laughing so much I can't even remember who won! I am sure they do! Liam already had the cheerios (we are sure there is a medical term for these, which we have forgotten) placed all over his head for the image guided surgery the next day.

This is Liam and Jason right before heading into the operating room for round number two! We are actually in the operating suite patient waiting room. Liam's surgery was so special that they had arranged for it to start before all the other surgeries of the day, so it was just us and the medical staff. Liam did a great job of being brave and so did his Dad! I found it a bit harder to say goodbye the second time around.

This photo was taken this past Monday. Five days post surgery. Liam is finally able to stand some light and consents to posing for the camera.

Below are photos of in the hospital. The first is Liam's special wheelchair with the head rest. Thank-you Heather for his special licence plate. We did not need to hunt for his chair after we put that on. It also brought about a lot of smiles as parents and patients walked by and smiles bring about rays of sunshine on the ward. The next two photos are of Liam's room, with cards, scriptures and balloons. Finally, the last photo is of Liam sitting in his wheelchair eating his favourite meal in the whole world. Vietnamese beef noodle soup! Thank-you to Cheri and Gerald for bringing him the real deal just to cheer him up! As you can see the lunch the hospital gave him was left to the side of the table.

This last photo, I took yesterday as we waited for Liam's paperwork so he could be released. He is all dressed and ready to go. Around his neck are the bravery beads that he earned while he was in the hospital. Each beads represents a procedure or test that Liam had to have and it tells the story of his journey. Since they did not have beads that represented what God has done we will be heading off to pick some out (when Liam is feeling better) so that His necklace can really be complete.

Thank-you again for all of you that have prayed, posted comments, hugged us, prayed some more and visited. We are printing every comment and prayer and saving them in a beautiful leather book that we brought for Liam. It is something that will be a precious gift and reminder for him in years to come. All of you are a part of what God did in Liam's life. We will be forever grateful.


  1. What a great way to start the day! Thanks so much for taking the time to post the photos and the fantastic news. God is so good! We love you and won't stop praying for continual blessings on Liam and the whole family. With much love, encouragement and enthusiasm! Lori, Jeff, Gabbi, Noah & Isaiah Chase....remember: I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me! Philippians 4:13

  2. Liam, you look quite the guy in the last picture.. Love the shirt, hat and beads!! You are one awesome brave young man. I pray your continued recovery at home will be quick, complete and amazing. Your journey has been quite a story. Watching what God has done in your life is truly incredible. Stay away from gramma's house I think they fed the other kids too many cookies...!!
    Cheri & Gerald

  3. Liam - you look great kiddo. Glad you are back home with all family members they sure missed you. You are the bravest boy we know.

    We will continue our prayers for complete healing - hope to see you at the Christmas Party!


    Kathleen, Frank, Travis, Ryan & Andrew

  4. Whoo....what a journey. I would rush home from work everyday to get the update about you Liam. You have occupied so much of my thoughts and prayers and i am so thankful that you are healing so beautifully. All praise goes to our Father. You, my friend have ministered to me with your faith and bravery. Yes....even all the way in Kansas. I wish that I could hug your neck but know that you will continue to be in my prayers.

    Kimberley and Jason, I am so very proud of you and how you trusted God in the scariest of circumstances. You have been a example to us all. How I love you and miss you.


  5. Hey Liam.. it is Friday and we are wondering how your dad went and how you are feeling? I keep reading the blogs over and over and thinking about how brave you are! Even on the days I am sure you were so scared, you kept a brave face and a smile whenever we asked. I hope each day is easier and that your smiles keep getting bigger.

    Your hug for today!! oooxxxxoooxx

  6. Hey Liam...yikes.. I mean to say how your "DAY" went... not your dad...ahh....

  7. So Liam; I hear you have been outside walking! Hmm... I think that is awesome (so much for the bubble I think you should be in - haha!) I hope you are having a good day today and that life at home is almost getting back to normal.

    Cheri & Gerald

  8. Hi Liam - Congrats on graduating from hospital, we are all so totally thrilled you are home safe and well, you have been so brave in the midst of suffering, and the sharing of your faith has been a witness to so many.
    I am so happy that your brother and sisters now have you home too, I am sure it has not been easy for them to be seperated from you too.

    My family is a little sick right now so we won't be coming to say hi for a little while as I don't want any of us to pass this sickness on - but will stop by very soon when we are well. How is the lego? Hope you are having fun with it.

    Love and hugs to all,
    P.S. Well Done Mommy! Love ya and saving some big hugs for ya...