Friday, 27 July 2007

The Fresh Start of Today

The summer is flying by and it has been just over a week since I posted my thoughts. Life at the McGibbon house has been a bit crazier than usual so my blogging time was taken over by the pressures of life with lots of kids. We are getting ready to leave for family camp at Ryerson ( ) on Sunday afternoon for about five days. Jason and I will have a chance to lead the adult sessions everyday and we will be looking at Ephesians 1:1-14. I can't wait. I am sure there will be lots to share about upon our return.

As I write this morning, the sound and smell of fresh rain is filling my family room. It is washing away the old and ushering in a fresh new start. All is quiet and the kids are still sleeping. Well, for now at least!

I love this time of day when I get up before everyone else. I have my coffee (Timmy's of course!) and read my bible and journal my thoughts and pray. I thank God for the gift of a new day. For the opportunity to start fresh, to readjust my will to His and to take time to be thankful for all the blessings He has given. Every morning I have this short but very sweet time to take stock, to take a deep breath and to be grateful that I am once again given the fresh start of Today.

Today, I have the opportunity to thank God for the gift of His Son more often. Today, I have the chance to teach my children more about His love. Today, I have the prospect of living a day of worship with every choice. Today, I will be given occasions to love my husband the way Christ intended. Today, I have the possibility to proclaim His Kingdom to my circle of influence. Today, I have the ability to make choices that shine His light into my community. Today, I can live my life for Jesus and not for myself. The opportunities are endless with what I can do with the fresh start of today.

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Her Circle of Influence

Yesterday, I packed all my kids in the van and headed off with my parents to see my great Aunt Ag. She lives about an hour away in another town. On the weekend, Aunt Ag had a birthday so we were going out to give her our best wishes and take her lunch from Swiss Chalet. Aunt Ag likes the soup and chicken sandwich. My kids were thrilled that Grandpa was taking them out to eat!

When we arrived Aunt Ag greeted us at the door with her usual bright sunny attitude. Her positive approach to life seems to be enhanced with every birthday that she celebrates. Aunt Ag just celebrated her 102nd birthday.

As she interacted with my kids and talked to my mom and dad I stared at her beautiful smile and her sparkling eyes. The blue eyes that have witnessed so much life. It is amazing to really think about how much life she has actually lived. I listened to her asking questions about how the kids were doing in school, did they like french? How was my mom's mother keeping? How is our church? What was my niece Fiona been up to? I listened as she told stories of what it was like to live in Ireland when she was young. I watched my children's faces as she talked about how she went to work at the Mill when she was just 12 years old. They worked from 6am to 6 pm and it was hard work. I continued to listen as she and my dad reminisced about my grandparents and life when my dad was growing up. Their lives revolved around church and family and being together. I heard fresh about the influence that both she and my grandmother had been on their husbands and in turn their own families. I thought about how that circle of influence now included my children who were playing on the grass.

"Oh this is such a lovely lunch." she kept saying. "I do love to see the children." I wonder when she looks at them if she realizes her influence on their lives. If she understands the heritage she has passed down to our family. I wonder who else has been touched by her life. I wonder if at 102 years old you begin to comprehend the enormity of the impact of your circle of influence.

I wonder...

Monday, 9 July 2007

PEPSI People

Well, life at the McGibbon house is never dull. We were away at the cottage for a few days last week. It was nice to sit and watch the kids play in the sand on the shores of Georgian Bay. The weather cooperated for the most part and we had a blast just hanging out as a family. We came home for the weekend and to make sure we did not miss our Sunday service with the Sanctuary Milton gang.

One of our church family members had made a photo presentation of activities that we had been involved in the week before with some of our friends from Mt. Airy Baptist Church in South Carolina. (view more photos on As I sat and watched the faces on the screen I was over come with emotion. How amazing God's family is! Light was shone in our community and you could see it all over the faces of the children that we had served and with the people that we had been able to make connections.

Our daughter Caroline has a shirt from Mt. Airy. On the back it has a great life statement. (I always think of it when I drink a PEPSI)

In His Name

As the photo presentation continued to play and memories flooded my mind this statement is what I saw being played out in the images on the screen. Liam who is 7 came up beside me and said, "It was a good week with the mission team. I want to grow up so I can go and be just like them. Kathy and her whole family get to go this week and tell people about Jesus in place where they have lizards. We should do that. That is cool."

Thank-you to my friends in Mt. Airy for being a light in our community, for your prayers for our ministry but most of all for being an incredible example to my children and for inspiring them.

Pray for Kathy and her family this week and Mt. Airy Baptist Church as they send a team this Saturday to serve in Christ's name in Costa Rica. (Kathy, I am praying that all the lizards go for a holiday while you are there!)
As we go out into the world this week wherever we are may we all be PEPSI people.