Monday, 9 July 2007

PEPSI People

Well, life at the McGibbon house is never dull. We were away at the cottage for a few days last week. It was nice to sit and watch the kids play in the sand on the shores of Georgian Bay. The weather cooperated for the most part and we had a blast just hanging out as a family. We came home for the weekend and to make sure we did not miss our Sunday service with the Sanctuary Milton gang.

One of our church family members had made a photo presentation of activities that we had been involved in the week before with some of our friends from Mt. Airy Baptist Church in South Carolina. (view more photos on As I sat and watched the faces on the screen I was over come with emotion. How amazing God's family is! Light was shone in our community and you could see it all over the faces of the children that we had served and with the people that we had been able to make connections.

Our daughter Caroline has a shirt from Mt. Airy. On the back it has a great life statement. (I always think of it when I drink a PEPSI)

In His Name

As the photo presentation continued to play and memories flooded my mind this statement is what I saw being played out in the images on the screen. Liam who is 7 came up beside me and said, "It was a good week with the mission team. I want to grow up so I can go and be just like them. Kathy and her whole family get to go this week and tell people about Jesus in place where they have lizards. We should do that. That is cool."

Thank-you to my friends in Mt. Airy for being a light in our community, for your prayers for our ministry but most of all for being an incredible example to my children and for inspiring them.

Pray for Kathy and her family this week and Mt. Airy Baptist Church as they send a team this Saturday to serve in Christ's name in Costa Rica. (Kathy, I am praying that all the lizards go for a holiday while you are there!)
As we go out into the world this week wherever we are may we all be PEPSI people.

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  1. Each day when I click on the site, I go directly to find out what is going on in the McGibbon household! I am never dissapointed... your words are awesome and your family encouraging. I can't wait to watch the children in this family grow into wonderful witnesses for Jesus!