Saturday, 15 November 2008

Another Day

It is Jason here, giving a quick summary as Kim is staying the night with Liam. We knew that Liam was doing really well with his recovery, but it was made especially clear to me this afternoon. I thought Liam was napping and so I thought I might have a look at the gift bag of chocolate that Liam's surgeon had brought him. As I grabbed the bag, Liam's eyes flew open, and with a clear and definitive tone he exclaimed "Hey, don't even think about it!" Liam continued to be alert today and continued to have a great appetite. After the first surgery he really struggled with nausea but he is much better this time around. In fact I think that Liam has eaten more in the last two days then he has in the last two months! Liam also got up to do more walking today. He made it to the washroom a number of time this afternoon and then this evening he went for a walk. We made it for one whole lap around the ward. When he returned and was getting back into bed, he again said that he was hungry. Kim mentioned that we should have shown him the fridge in the patient kitchen when we were on our walk to which he responded "let's go!" So up out of bed he got for another walk and another snack.
One prayer request for the next few days is Liam's IV. He has one that he continues to receive fluids and steroids through, and another was left in his other hand in order to take blood for blood work. This morning they could not get that line to bleed back and so had to poke him with a needle in order to draw blood. Should that line not work again they will continue to need to use needles to draw blood. Liam really dislikes needles (who can blame him) and they make him quite anxious.
Please also continue to pray for Kiddy and her son Tristan. We saw her in the hallway a number of times today and she seemed to be doing much better. We continue to build a relationship.
Loud noises and a lot of light still bother him and can lead to headaches and so we are keeping the room dim and fairly quiet. They are still discouraging to many visitors for the time so as to continue the great progress he is making. when this changes we will let everyone know. He can't wait to see some of his friends!

Thanks to everyone who continues to pray.


  1. This news is exciting. I am praying for you all.

    Love you,


  2. I love this blog - and better yet I love the awesome news! God has been so gracious. We are all continuing to pray for Liam for a full recovery - glad to hear he is eating well and that he is more comfortable.

    We would love to come and see him but we will wait until it is okay. Please give him our love and let him know we are stil praying for him and all of you for continued success and strength.


    Kathleen, Frank & Boys

  3. We are soooo glad to hear that Liam is doing so well. He's up and moving way quicker tha I was with my two surgeries this past year.... I guess that's the youth on his side. As for the needles I will certainly pray because I have a great dislike for them too :) Just tell him to take lots of deep breaths and eat a chocolate afterwards :) All our love!!

    Lyndsay, Matt & Noah

  4. Jason, Kimberley, and Liam,

    Praise our wonderful God for his provisions for you throughout this entire thing! I am THRILLED at the good news! I have been praying and will continue to pray. Liam is on our prayer list at Mt. Airy also. I love reading the blogs and getting updates on my little buddy, and of course, his great parents! Take care, and hang in there. Love you guys, Kathy Elrod

  5. Yeh Liam, keep up the great work of eating, getting stronger and keeping an eye on your chocolate - "Shame on you Jay, just taking a look eh!" Will have to make sure we bring you some extra supplies Liam. We are praising God all day in our hearts for the great work he has done through the surgeons and for the opportunities he is providing along the way to pray for others. Hope to come visit soon with you are up to it.
    God Bless,

  6. YEA LIAM! Don't let dad get those candies... save them for me. We continue to praise God with THANKS! Hmmmmmm. do you smell Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup?????

    Cheri & Gerald

  7. What wonderful news to hear that Liam is progressing so well. It sounds like his personality is alive and well :-) I hope he continues to recover at this remarkable speed! Will anxiously await news that he is ready for visitors.

    Mrs. McMillen

  8. Hey Liam,

    We are very happy to hear how well you are progressing!!! Hopefully you won't need to have anymore "yucky" needles. We know how awful they are as we all just had our flu shots!
    We will continue to pray for your quick recovery and hope to see you soon.

    Love Adam, Julie, Adora, Teela and Galen xox

  9. Liam!!

    Keep up the good healing!
    Justin may have fractured something in his wrist and is in a cast from his elbow to the tip of his big thumb and is he ever ITCHY!!!!!!!! He has tried to stick everything you could imagine inside the cast to scratch! He also thought that it would be a good idea to stick gum down into the cast to deal with the smell issue-----guess what?? Not the best plan ever----gum kinda got warm and sticky, and did eventually get it out.......
    We are so happy that your tummy is well and that you can eat(and that you can protect your chocolate)!
    Hang in there and we will continue to pray for no more needles, and that the light and activity will not bother you.
    Karen, Craig, Brandon and Justin

  10. Liam, Kim and Jason
    It took a while to find the blog but I've been following your progress for a number of days now. When Matthew and Kirstine learned about your surgery date (#1) from Laura Schilbe, they immediately enlisted the other children at our church to pray for you. I have updated our church school coordinator as she was asking. I've told Shelley a little about this amazing family who have the last name McKibbon and how much of an inspiration they continue to be by the grace of God. Please know that the folks, young and old at Kimbourne Park United Church are holding you all in prayer.
    Blessings to all,
    Heather Hyslop
    (Ryerson Family Camp-Caroline would remember me best as the bead lady).