Saturday, 8 November 2008

Liam's New Room

"The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you or forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged."

Deuteronomy 31:8

I am sitting beside Liam in his new private room! They asked us if we wanted to move late last night because they had one open. It was such a blessing last night to be here with Liam. He and I were able to close the door and have some privacy. We both slept peacefully. It has been a definite praise for both of us.

Yesterday we received news that Liam's next surgery date has been moved up to next Wednesday, November 12th. They were able to clear schedules and get everything booked!
Liam was a little down yesterday as the reality of another surgery began to sink in. It was hard for him when he was feeling so sick to his stomach to think about having to do this all again. He did have some highlights yesterday with visitors and the child life specialist came to visit to bring him his bravery beads. He has a big string already, each bead representing a part of his journey and all the different procedures and tests that he has had to face. We also had a boost yesterday when his physio therapist came to visit and give him his exercise plan. Again we saw God's hand in that it was someone who we had met at Ryerson Camp who was the nurse one summer. Liam was up numerous times walking to the bathroom or to a wheelchair that allowed him to get out and about. This morning he went to the family lounge and made it through a whole movie. He has begun to eat a bit more today and keep it down. He has had apple sauce, a grilled cheese smuggled in by Grandpa, and even had a hamburger for lunch. So far he has kept it down.
He is doing well today and is looking forward to a visit from his siblings Daniel, Caroline and T.J. it will be nice to all be reconnected again after several days apart.
Liam says hi to everyone and thank you for the continued prayers. If you could pray specifically for the itchiness of his head dressing that would be great as it still bothers him quite a bit.


  1. Oh my word, Kim, so soon? Thanks so much for the updates. love to you all.


  2. Liam,

    I have been praying for you everyday many times a day and I will continue to pray for you and that itchy head....You are a brave man and I am so proud of you. Keep your chin up because I KNOW KNOW KNOW that God is up to something extremely cool in your life and He is holding you in His hand. He has an amazing plan for you and you are already a testimony of God's love and faithfulness and you are going to be His man as you continue to grow up to be just like Jesus. I love you Liam......

    Auntie Anita

    Kimberley...Hang in there girl friend...I am lovin you!

  3. Hey guys.. great news on the private room and the restful night. I will be praying for another! I will also be praying for more comfort and less itchy's!
    Love you all,
    PS Way to go to Grandma on the grilled cheese :)

  4. Hi Liam,
    Adora reads your mom's blog everyday and she is so happy that you are doing well. She asks me often how you are doing so I just let her read the updates now. She hopes that the "itchiness" will go away soon for you and she also hopes that your upset stomach will get better. She also thought it was pretty cool that you got to play video games. She asks us if she got to when she was a Sick Kids Hospital but she forgets that she was only 2 and didn't know how to play!!!

    We think of you everyday and continue to pray for a speedy recovery!

    Love Adam and Julie

  5. Dear Kimberley, Jason and Liam,
    Praying for you all and trusting in our God who is our Rock in the storm. We love you so much. Really glad the tummy's feeling better;praying about that dressing to the head. praying for good rest for everyone tonight. Sleep sound in Jesus & see you soon, Joy and Jim

  6. Hi Liam, The whole Millette and Munoz clan (like a small army) have been steadily praying for you bud. You are at the beginning of the end of all the yucky stuff I'm sure. Tomorrow we will ALL be praying constantly for God to do HIS thing. That is to guide the surgeons hands and send you angels to be with you. You sound like quite a hero to me and we are so inspired by you. When you think and wonder who is praying for you at any given time remember this: JESUS Himself is interceding on your behalf - that's right. Bigger and mightier than all our prayers put together Liam - I hope that's reassuring - I know it is to me!

    We're routing for you Liam, and for mommy and daddy and the whole extended family.

    Hope you all sleep peacefully tonight, while God watches over Liam

    Love you all,

  7. Janet and Neil Russell13 November 2008 at 15:58

    Dear Liam (and Kim and family),

    The RUSSELL home church is praying for you. This is Janet Russell who was taking care of Justine when her mom was sick. You came here to swim with Caroline and Justine and Mom sometimes.

    We love you and your family to bits. God has blessed you to be in the great McGibbon/Rankin clan and I know you are going to do very well.

    I want you to know that I (JANET), had a Brain Tumour removed and so I can relate a bit to what you are going through. Mine was big too and I was pretty sick so GOD IS WITH YOU, Liam! There isn't ANYTHING in the world that HE wouldn't do for YOU! HE adores you. Keep up the FAITH and I pray that you and MOM will sleep well and the itchy's will not be as noticeable because you KNOW WHO IS HEALING you - Jesus! He will see you through it all and then you will be a MIRACLE to give hope to other people who have scary things to go through on this EARTH.

    Janet and Neil Russell