Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Liam's Surgery Day Update #1

Praise God we were able to get internet access and to give you all an update. We arrived at McMaster this morning bright and early. Liam was in great spirits, cracking jokes and making us all laugh. He did a great job while they attached these nodes to his head and inserted his IV. Later on he made fun of me in my scrubs outfit. He said my hat looked dumb. I told him he looked pretty funny with these Cheerios attached to his head.
God is already at work here at Mac. I was able to pray with Liam in the operating room with Dr. Singh at my side before they administered the sleep medicine. We were also able to share with Dr. Singh that there was lots of people praying not only for Liam but for her and her family as she would be spending time away from them today to be with him.
We are being blessed by your prayers. We have Liam's prayer list here with us and are amazed at all the names. Words can not express our gratitude. Both Jason and I feel calm and at peace. God is very much in control of our time here at Mac. We will try to get a message out again later in the day if we get a message from the OR or when Liam is out of surgery.


  1. Thanks for taking the time to find internet and update us. We're anxiously anticipating updates! Still praying!!

  2. Oh Praise the Lord that you feel is amazing peace! I have been praying specifically for that! Thank you for the update and KNOW that you are being covered!!! Love you all! Kendra

  3. God is so faithful. I have had a quiet day filled with prayer for L. and his family for peace and comfort and above all strength for all, including surgeons and staff and especially beautiful L. My prayers continue in every moment of my day.