Thursday, 5 April 2007

With Jesus Everyday is a Celebration

I got an Easter Card the other day from a good friend. It is a really cute one that made me laugh because it said" Happy Easter to one of God's hippest chicks." If you know me you know I would not exactly call myself "hip". When I think of hip I think of people who live in some of the cool areas of Toronto with those trendy clothing stores, tea shops and urban decor places. It is funny because hip is also how I would describe my friend who gave me the card. She has a "hip" job as a radio personality in T.O. and great fashion sense that makes me wonder where she finds her outfits. It is not that I don't want to be hip. It is just that when the majority of your shopping is done at Milton's discount stores hip usually gets replaced by a good deal. Anyway, after I got over laughing at thinking of myself as a "hip" I read one of the most profound statments. My friend had written "With Jesus alive in our hearts everyday is a celebration." How wise my "hip" friend is. She is so right. I wanted to shout Yippee!! Yahoo!! It is true everyday is a celebration when we have Jesus in our hearts. He makes us hip. And I am so thankful for the reminder. I can't wait to celebrate with my friend.

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