Sunday, 22 April 2007

What a weekend!

Well, my kids are off to bed and all is quiet again at my house. I am exhausted and wide awake all at the same time. As I reflect on this year's Spring Retreat in Niagara Falls I am overwhelmed with gratititude that Jesus always comes to meet us exactly where we are. I am overwhelmed at the heritage of wonderful women in scripture that He has left for us to study. His interactions with these women encourage us, teach us and reveal to us more about our Lord's character.

I am so excited that at the retreat I got to meet so many of you and hear about how Jesus is working in your life. I have to say there are moments from the retreat that I will never forget. The saturday afternoon sharing time was one of my favourite. I loved to hear about what you discovered with each other in scripture and I loved getting to see some of the talents that God has given you. My heart was full of joy as I witnessed so many of you take "The Stand" for Jesus worshipping Him with your hearts abandoned. Of course there were funny moments that I won't share....let's just say the Pajama Party!

I pray that you enjoyed spiritual refreshment at the feet of Jesus and that you were able to listen to what He had to say to you this weekend. I will continue to pray that as we get back to our busy schedules and lives that you will continue to know "He is calling for you" where ever you are on your journey with Him. "Mary, was listening to the Lord's Word seated at His feet." Luke 10:39. I hope that you were able to move this verse from your head to your heart this weekend. Continue to pray for ladies that you met whenever you use your new mug!

I would love to hear about what Jesus said to you at the retreat and your response. Please post a comment or you can email me at . If you were not able to fill in a prayer request card and you would like me to come along side you in prayer please let me know.

I look forward to hearing from you and I hope to see at our fall retreat!


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