Saturday, 7 April 2007

My God is a Great God

It is early and very quiet in the zoo. Everyone was up late so they are still fast asleep. I have the very unusual blessing of sitting at my computer sipping my coffee and being able to reflect in the stillness of how great my God is.

Two years ago last January, God called us to Milton to serve in a small church plant. At the time when He was speaking to our hearts there was no actual position for my husband (he is a worship pastor and they already had one), there was no salary and really there was no guarantee that this little church plant was going to survive. In our personal lives there were many obstacles, we worried about moving our children, we loved our house with our big backyard and we did not want to leave our homechurch or our friends. God, however was unrelentless in His pursuit. He confirmed over and over again that He wanted us to go. He gave us hearts for the people of Milton. Hearts for their families. Hearts that began to burn with a desire to share with them the amazing God that we know. Even once we had made our decision major changes in our lives tested our faith. Looking back it has been quite a ride.

A few weeks ago, Census Canada released information that names our little town of Milton as the fastest growing community in all of Canada. God is bringing people here from all different nationalities and cultures. Our church hosted an outreach event last night for Good Friday. It was a festival, a celebration and probably not the usual thing that most people would expect for a church to do for a Good Friday service. We called it "Taste the World" and we had approximately 14 booths from different countries and/or ethnicity's. Members of our church cooked food from their heritages and decorated their areas to give people a flavour of what life is like in their home country. We had booths from New Orleans, Holland, Iraq, Cambodia, Germany, Brazil, India and Ireland just to name a few.

My husband and I and the other couple that we serve with on staff prayed that God would bring 300 people. We prayed that people from our community would come to this event and hear the gospel and celebrate with us. This was a big goal for our little church that usually has between 70 or 80 people (we have grown from 25-30 when we started) out on a Sunday morning. We cooked for 300 and we prayed. God answered that prayer by bringing about 400 people to our Good Friday service and event. Can you imagine 400 people!

Today as I reflect, I am overwhelmed by His love and His commitment and faithfulness to us. I am overwhelmed with how great God is. I am overwhelmed by how much He cares for the people of Milton. I am overwhelmed yet again that He sent His only Son to walk among us and die for us and to pay our debt. "And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God's love." Romans 8:38a.

My God is a great God!

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  1. Yes, Our God is certainly great! It has been a blast watching the process of your surrender to Milton. As I sat in the Good Friday service you mentioned in your blog I was in awe of God's plan and how He is moving in your community. I cheer you on in your quest to follow Him. Tell the Good News Kimberley!! Go and Tell