Wednesday, 11 April 2007

The Fixer of Big Messes

This afternoon I decided to make roasted vegetable soup. I made the stock yesterday and today I needed to puree the roasted veggies and add my spices etc. I was so excited about this soup. It's cold outside and since the weather is not cooperating this homemade soup was going to cheer me up. I was hurrying as I worked and I guess I wasn't really paying attention. So you can imagine my surprise when I turned on my blender and I had forgotten to attach the lid. You guessed it! There was suddenly pureed veggies spewing all over my kitchen. Now, you need to understand when I say the veggies were all over my kitchen. I really mean all over me and all over my kitchen. After I finished screaming, I stopped the blender and I began to take in the damage. Not only was I covered in my mistake but there was not a counter service or a wall that hadn't been touched. As I began to clean up the huge mess by myself I began to wish there was someone to help me. Someone... anyone to help me clean up this huge mess and restore my kitchen but there was just me. Okay, that is not entirely true my crazy dogs were having a field day cleaning up the floor.

As I cleaned, I thought that this was kind of like life. You are moving along and then all of a sudden you are in the middle of a huge mess. Has that ever happened to you? Maybe it was a mess that you created unknowingly by making a mistake or maybe you made some bad choices. Maybe it was a mess that someone else created and you just got pulled into it. The thing with huge messes is that no matter how they get started at some point in order to move on you need to clean them up. I am so thankful that Jesus wants to help us clean up any mess that we make.

As I look through scripture time and time again people have made huge messes and God does not walk away from them. He is the fixer of big messes. Just think about it, God took a murderer like Moses to lead His people out of slavery. He used an adulterer like David to be King. What about Peter? Peter was a traitor and a coward when Jesus was crucified. Despite that fact Peter was restored by Jesus and the leader upon which God built His Church. Finally, our best known evangelist Paul started out by persecuting Christians, that is until Jesus got a hold of his life. Much of the New Testament is written by this changed man. Now those are huge messes that people created and God fixed. Not only did He fix them He made them better than they started out. So the next time you find yourself in a big mess call on God. He will be right beside you to help you clean it up and He will restore you.

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  1. You are very right, God is the fixer of big messes! Take one look at my life and you shall see that is true... I mess up, he fixes it and I mess up again, and so on goes the cycle, but He never seems to tire of helping me put the pieces back together and start over. We serve a truly amazing God!