Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Having fun on our driveway
 I wanted to get this done yesterday but I was so tired from our Shine Your Light event that I could barely string two sentences together.  Today, I am still a bit on the tired side but I am typing anyway.  Hopefully, it will all make sense.

Thank-you to everyone that came to our event.  Throughout the night we probably had over 300 people from the community stop by our house.  It was a great time.  We handed out candy bags with scriptures, cute little stuffed bears, and for the first time we ran out of hot chocolate!  It was chilly.  We even saw a few snowflakes!

Our candy and hot chocolate station

The flash on my camera is on the fritz so thanks to my friend Cheri, we actually have a few photos of the event.

It was hard to imagine that we won't be here next year, dancing with our neighbours and spreading a little light but our hope is that this event will inspire someone to be a light on their own street.  You don't have to have a band, you could have a ghetto blaster and an ipod.   Hand out coffee for parents if you don't like hot chocolate.  Make the event your own and be creative.  The important part is to be a light on your street and to engage with people around you.

Liam and some friends

Even though it is our last time hosting the event in Milton, we still think it is a fantastic way to meet the people in your neighbourhood.  So who of our Milton friends is going to carry on the tradition?

I wonder if we should warn the people who buy our house?  They may need a lot more candy......

Our worship team
My homemade costume of a tree with a cat stuck in it

Our new house in Hamilton will be a great place to host a Shine Your Light event next year........mmmm I guess I will have to start planning my costume.

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