Friday, 5 November 2010

Brain Tumour Free Day

Liam November 2008
It is really hard for me to believe that it has been two years.  Two years, since I kissed Liam, and held his hand while I waited for the anaesthetic to take effect so his neuro team could take out his brain tumour.  When I think of that moment, all the emotions come rushing back and my heart still starts to race.  But then I remember that Liam isn't lying in that bed anymore.  He is upstairs in his room reading, finishing school work so that he can go outside to play basketball.  I think of all of the prayers that were prayed that day and in the following days to come, as our friends and brothers and sisters in Christ (many who we have never met) covered Liam and our family in prayer for every half hour of every day that we were in the hospital.  We are truly privileged to have been able to walk that journey with all of you no matter how hard it was.

With each day that now passes I am learning to let go a little more and worry a little less.  Liam's physical health is better than we could have hoped for.  He is a little more anxious than he used to be but then again so is his momma.  We are both learning to worry less, pray more and to trust God's word and our experience with Him.  God never left us during that time.  He was there for every step when everything seemed like it was falling away, He never let us fall.  So today we celebrate.  We are one step farther into Liam's remission and one year closer to the five year mark when Doctor's will consider his surgeries a cure. So Happy Brain Tumour Free Day buddy!  What a testimony God has given you to share.  I am so proud to be your mom.
Liam climbing in the caves at Mountsberg October 2010