Friday, 30 July 2010

Happy 5th Birthday TJ

Five years ago, my husband and I welcomed our 4th child into the world.  Trinity Joy McGibbon was born in the late afternoon on July 29th, 2005 and she has been a blessing ever since we met her.  TJ loves God and she loves people.  She can often be heard singing in our house at the top of her lungs, "My God is so big, so strong and so mighty.  There is nothing my God can not do!"  TJ loves to play with her friends, to make new friends and literally loves to talk to everyone that she meets.  Like all of our kids she teaches us something new each day.  Happy 5th Birthday Trinity Joy.  We love you!

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  1. She's growing up so fast! Thanks for sharing Kim, it not only reminds me of how great TJ is, it reminds me of the things to love in my own kids. Thanks for being such an amazing mom to TJ for the last five years (and to the rest of the gang too!)