Thursday, 15 July 2010

The Gift of Rain

Light rain is falling on our tent trailer as I type.  A light and rhythmic sound resonates through the quiet.  It is calming and refreshing.  It is as if I can actually hear life slowing down.  Rain has that effect.  It changes plans, it sometimes forces you to stop before you continue on at your break neck speed.   In the quiet, I hear the rain and as I think about what plans we may have to change today, life slows down long enough for me to stop for a moment... to realize that life has been traveling at such a high speed for so long that it has begun to feel normal.  Even while on a mini-vacation I have forgotten what a normal pace really is.  I have made compromises without realizing.  Why is it that when we do have a little space in the family calendar I fill it without thinking?  Oh we could do that...we have a little time...  Pretty soon each day is full and little by little, one day tuns into a few and then a week and before long life is passing by at a break neck speed.  Every day is eaten up and there is no time to reflect, to listen, to just be.   There is not time to think and we go from event to event, task to task and day to day without even realizing that this might not be God’s best.   This is our life right now I justify.  It will slow down sometime and besides we are doing ministry but in all reality life will not slow down until I slow it down.   The cycle of busyness is just that, a never ending cycle and we begin to go around and around, day after day with no end in sight.  There are always good things to do, great causes to support, fun activities to participate in but are they the right things for me?  Are they furthering what my life purpose is?  Where is God in all this?  Even as I am serving could I be missing Him in all the craziness?  Even if He wanted to could He actually get my attention when life is moving so fast? These are not easy questions to answer if I want more than surface answers.  Deep answers take time to ponder, to pray about and to listen for answers.  Thank-you Lord for time today and for rain.

“But Jesus himself would often slip away to the wilderness and pray.” Luke 5:16

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