Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Press to Jesus for One Touch

I have had a few days to try to process all that was said at the Women of Faith Conference that I attended on the weekend. As I had typed in my last post the theme scripture for the conference was John 8:36 "So if the Son has made you free than you will be free indeed."

All the speakers were great but I think the moment that spoke to me the most was when Nicole C. Mullen sang her new song "One Touch". ( then click on her song One Touch to hear it). This song is based on the story of the hemorrhaging woman in scripture. This story can be found in Mark 5:25-34. Mathew 9:20-22 and Luke 43-48.

Over the past few days I had read and re-read these portions of scripture. I have pondered my own issues that have needed healing and I have prayed for those that I know are struggling. I have thanked God for this particular story of encouragement in scripture. Jesus heals. Jesus saves. Jesus sets us free. I have a God who is willing to touch me in my brokenness and who has made me whole. In fact I would dare to say my God would like to see me a little more broken. At times I have bought into the North American dream of Independence. We have much to learn from this scripture and those around us who are willing to expose their brokenness. In my brokenness I am humble and I have a desperate dependence on the grace offered so freely by Jesus. How often though is this truly the case?

The story of the hemorrhaging woman exposes this woman's deep desperation and Jesus reaction to her desperate situation. In reading the story you realize that this woman was more desperate than most of us have ever been and she pressed her way to Jesus with a determined faith that only He was the answer to her situation. Jesus acknowledges her act of faith by not rebuking her. He shows her and us that He is unashamed by her uncleanness. He knew that He would take her uncleanness and all of our shame and sin on the cross at Calvary. Do we who call ourselves followers of Christ really react to others that are that desperate? Are we as unashamed to touch them? To help them press to Jesus? Or is it too uncomfortable for us? Why is that often our reaction if we believe that only the grace of Jesus has saved us?

A good friend of mine posed a question to me on Monday night. She asked "How often are we in North America really in an impossible situation in which only God can be our supply? Does this fact limit our faith? Should we be praying for impossible situations in our lives in which only God can get the glory? Are we really ready to do that??" I have been thinking alot about these question ever since. I thought I would pass it on to see what you thought. I still have lots to think about and will write more later.

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  1. I know twice for sure in my life that only God could have been my supply. He did not fail me. He was there every step of the way. I too often forget those times when without Him I would not have made it through the valley the way I did. I am thankful for the times I knew it was Him that carried me. I wonder how often He just wants to reach down and slap me aside the head and bring me back to reality!!??