Monday, 18 June 2007

Daniel's Baptism

Sunday was Father's Day. It was also my son Daniel's 12th birthday. Daniel has changed and grown so much since the first day we met him. Every day I learn more about my son than I knew the day before. What an amazing gift he is to us.

What I love the most is that Daniel's eyes sparkle when he smiles. It is infectious and it makes me smile too. We both had lots to smile about this past Sunday. My husband Jason had the privilege of baptizing Daniel during our church service. This is what Daniel wanted to do for his birthday. What an amazing moment for his dad.

I tried to take photos between the tears of joy. I remember not knowing how how to pray for Daniel just a few short years ago. I prayed that he would know we loved him with all our hearts and that we would be able to help him grow his own roots in God's love. I prayed that one day he would know Jesus and that he would be able to soar upon his wings to heights that he could never imagine on his own. I remember the day that Daniel started to learn that he could pray to Jesus. I remember watching his face as he was starting to realize that no matter what might be happening in his life that he could talk to Jesus when ever he wanted. I will never forget the day he asked Jesus into his heart and I will never forget this past Father's Day when Daniel decided to let the world know he had come home. Daniel has amazing testimony and I am looking forward to the day when he shares it to proclaim God's Kingdom. Yeah God!! Thank-you for giving us Daniel.


  1. There was not a dry eye around us as we watched Daniel being baptized. My heart soared with love for him and the beautiful young man he is. Your words brought tears to my eyes as I remember the first time we met him and rejoyce in who he is today. I am thankful to God that He put Daniel (and Caroline) in the care of my two friends.

  2. Kim,

    I am so thankful I happened upon this picture. It is amazing to think back to that "shower" we had for you guys and the picture of the kids we had up. Little did we know who he was, yet we all were already praying for him and his new life with you. God is good!!!