Tuesday, 26 June 2007

The Body of Christ Arrived on a Bus

As the wife of a pastor who has chosen to help start a new church I have experienced many blessings. One of those incrediable blessings came a few weeks ago in the form of a mission team. From the moment I met them in the misty rain on their cool mission bus I was blessed. This small group of teens and there leaders exuded God's light into our community where ever they went. They travelled here all the way from Ashburn, Georgia which is home to this big peanut in the photo. As I talked to them I realized that for some this was their first trip outside of the United States and yet they came here not to see the sights but to come along side us to enable us to spend more time with our community. They delivered hundreds and hundreds of flyers, worked at one of our community groups for children, scraped and painted our clapboard signs and most of all encouraged us with their enthusiasm and love.

When we started at The Sanctuary Milton I really did not have any idea of how difficult it might be to start a new church. I had no idea how hard the days of distraction, discouragement and doubt might be at times. One of those times came right before the Ashburn team got here. The team had no idea but God knew that I was in need of seeing the body of Christ at work to encourage me. Not only did they encourage me, and love our family and other families in our little church and in our town but they inspired me. I will never forget worshipping with them in my living room and hearing their beautiful voices lifted in praise.

Recently someone from our town asked me why would these people come if they did not know us? What was in it for them? What an opportunity I was given to share about living out Jesus' love. What an impact this mission team had on a woman that they never even met while they were here. God's plans are amazing! How big is our God and vast is His Kingdom! Thank-you to my new friends! Thank-you for coming and being God's blessing to me!

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