Thursday, 2 June 2011

Our First Few Days

As I gaze up, there are big puffy white clouds slowly floating in the crystal blue sky over my front porch.  It is an absolutely glorious day and as the cool breeze gently blows and the birds sing, I am amazed that we are now living here in Hamilton.  At this moment, our new street is so peaceful it is hard to believe that we are in the midst of an urban city.  Our covered front porch has already become a favourite place for the kids to work on their school and for us to gather as a family after dinner.  Jason has set up his rocking chair and I am sure his guitar will soon make an appearance.
We made quite a first impression when we arrived on Saturday.  Our truck pulled up, followed by many cars and once everyone got parked they began to systematically carry all of our belongings into our new house.  As we met some of the neighbours they kept asking us in amazement, “Who are all these people?”  It was a wonderful opportunity for us to share that this was our church family.  By 2:30pm we were all moved in and we took a break to eat the wonderful lunch that was prepared again by our church family.  There was so much food that I am surprised any of us were able to move afterwards!   It was during our lunch break that the contractor who had done all the renovations on our house came to pick up some of his tools.  We invited him for lunch and he remarked, “I have never seen so many people or so much food.  They are like an army!”  He could not believe that so many people from our church in another town had come to help us move.  It really was an incredible witness of God’s people working together.  Before dinner these wonderful folks had unpacked my kitchen, set up all our beds, our living room and our dining room table so we would have somewhere to sit, eat and sleep!  We are so thankful for all of the help and for all the wonderful friends that loved us so well!
We are slowly unpacking boxes, getting settled and meeting people in the neighbourhood.  We have already met some great folks and tomorrow morning we will be featured on the city’s morning newscast!  Once again God has given us an opportunity to share on television about Liam’s health journey and our connection to MacKids!  So if you live in the area turn on your TV at about 8:30am and we will be on CHCH Morning Live News!  Not bad for our first week here!
God is good!


  1. It is good to know people still care enough to help. thanks for sharing this story.