Thursday, 9 June 2011

Liam and the Mac Kids Miracle Weekend

It has taken me a week but here are a couple of pics for the Miracle Weekend at Mac Kids.  Liam and Jason were interviewed live on the morning CHCH news.  Pretty good for our first week here!

Mac Kids Miracle Weekend

Liam, Jason, Dr. Singh and Ashley the reporter

They showed excerpts of Liam's documentary during the interview.  Liam was able to talk about how caring all the staff were when he was in the hospital and about how he is doing now.  He talked about playing drums for church and how he wants to go to Alabama with us to meet some friends at another church and play some music.  I guess we will have to let him come now.  Both he and Jason did great jobs and we are very proud of them. 

If you want to know more about Mac Kids please visit their website.   If you live in the area Mac Kids is now a full children's hospital and the emergency room is for kids only.  Good to know in case you need it.  They really do some amazing work.


  1. Kimberley - so cool. God is so good and I am reminded of that every single time I see Liam. We are all grateful and thankful. Mac Kids is one miracle hospital for sure! I remember how we prayed over the hands of the surgeons, nurses and all staff those who are gifted to take care of so many patients. xxoo

  2. I tried to watch you on TV but I guess we do not get the right channel. The strange thing is that I also 'know' the girl (Lily) in the Mac Kids advertising photo (top photo) - her grandmother was my boss at a previous job.