Saturday, 28 May 2011

Our New House

Finally, I can post that we have officially bought a new house and after today we should be all moved in!  Well, the house is not really new since it was a built around 1910, but it is going to be our new digs and we are thrilled.  It is in a perfect location for us and we are looking forward to meeting our neighbours and getting to know the area.  We bought the house while it was still being gutted and under renovations, so it has been very exciting.  We were thrilled with all the structural changes and upgrades to the furnace, duct work, wiring, roof and windows and really that is why we bought the house.  We just saw all the finishes on the inside for the first time yesterday and we were blown away as it is so beautiful and much more than we ever could have planned, dreamed or imagined!  It it a beautiful gift that I know only God could have orchestrated and we can not believe that we get to live here!  More pics to come as soon as we get unpacked!


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