Monday, 16 May 2011

Finally Spring has Sprung!

Yellow Double Tulips - So Beautiful

This year the spring has been so slow to arrive that I thought maybe we might miss it altogether.  Finally though we got some sun and things have began to warm up a bit.   Well, it did for a few days when I took these shots.  Since then we have had nothing but cold rain!  But I am not going to dwell on that fact.

I took these shots while the sun was out and I was weeding in my garden.  It was nice to get my hands dirty. 
My Snowball Bush is the only thing I want to see that even resembles snow!

I will miss this tree when we move.  It is so beautiful when it is in bloom.  Round balls of delicate white flowers.  I may just have to plant one at our new house.

These are white trillium that have decided to make an appearance!   
If it ever stops raining I will take another picture of these little ones.  They are in full bloom now and I love them.  So if the sun is out in your neck of the woods take some time to get out and enjoy all the beauty around you. There is so much to see.  God really has outdone Himself.


  1. Spring is a wonderful reminder of our Risen Lord making new life.

  2. These flowers look beautiful .... The sun in my country is a lot much ... :)