Thursday, 10 February 2011

Praying for Susana and the climb up Mount Moriah

I have never meet Susana but I have joined others in praying for her for months.  Susana is four years old and for reasons that I can not begin to fully understand on this side of heaven, Susana may today be going home to meet Jesus. 

As I read her dad's latest blog post "The Climb up Mount Moriah",  I wept for the hearts of this family I that have never and will probably never meet.  My heart breaks for what must be an almost unbearable road and yet I am encouraged by their example of faithfulness, their love and ultimate trust that our almighty, merciful God is in control.  I am also encouraged today by their church family who has rallied around them and last night stood on their front lawn to worship in their brokenness.   What beautiful examples of the body of Christ. 

For those of us who are farther away we can still be part of the body for Susana and her family as we stand in the gap and continue to pray for God to be glorified through Susana's life.

"And then we think of Jesus and how glorious His death was.  God was more glorified in His death than in anything else ever…yet the pain and anguish that Jesus and others felt was the greatest that they had ever known.  For the road to crucifixion with the sins of the world upon Him was certainly more full of anguish than any of us will ever have to bear.
And so, by His grace, we continue our climb, through both heaving sobs and lifted hands…" 
- Susana's Dad