Saturday, 5 February 2011

Another MRI for Liam

Liam has an MRI scheduled for tomorrow morning at MacKids.  He is now on a one year protocol for his treatment so the MRI is just to make sure that there is no change to the tumour site in his brain and that the tumour is not growing back.  I have no reason to be nervous or worried that anything will be wrong and yet I can't seem to settle down tonight.   Grrrr.  I hate that.

Liam really dislikes needles now and he has to have an IV put in tomorrow.  He is nervous about that.  He has also been working at me to take him to the West End on Locke Street as they serve a triple decker grilled cheese with bacon.  Not exactly a healthy choice for lunch but he thinks it is special occasion because he has to live through another IV.  Oh he knows how to manipulate his momma.

We don't find out the results until we go back to neuro-oncology clinic which is a month from now.  I know from past experience that if we don't hear from them before the clinic date then everything is fine.  If anything is wrong they call you right away.

Say a prayer for Liam and his nervous Nelly momma, that the scan will be clear and life will continue on as normal.  Well.... as normal as it ever is around the McGibbon Zoo.


  1. Good Luck Liam! I'm sure everything will be fine :) Adam, Julie, Adora, Teela and Galen

  2. Praying for you both and Liam, You'll do fine and the Danielsons are praying for you!