Friday, 29 May 2009

Mac Kids Celebration Telethon Countdown

We arrived at Mac Kids tonight and Liam was asked to participate in the cake cutting ceremony on TV. He did a great job of not cutting off any fingers during the live shot. Not one to shy away from the spotlight or yummy cakes, TJ stuck right beside him and got herself on television! She also shone a big smile and got herself the first piece of cake, even before her big brother.

We were able to meet with one of the host's Connie Smith who gave us a tour of the set for Sunday and showed us Liam's documentary. Debbie who was our director did a great job on it and we can't wait to tell her how much we like it. It was fun to watch and to see Grandma Cheryl and Grandpa Gerry and some of our Sanctuary family Will, Tania and of course the infamous Cheri! They all did a great job. The documentary will be shown three times during the telethon. It is amazing to see the way that God is still working. One of the things about our family that they have decided to emphasize is how important our faith is to us. Jason will actually get to talk live on air about this. He is being interviewed with the hospital's chaplain to talk about why this was an important part of treating Liam and how the hospital supported us as part of their "whole" patient program. We think this interview will air about 4pm around the time they will be showing Liam's documentary for second time.

Liam will be opening the telethon at 1pm and introducing the hosts Connie and Dan. He was already practicing in our family room tonight. The first interview and documentary of the afternoon will be ours and Liam and I will be interviewed live with Dr. Singh (Liam's neurosurgeon). Jason will be interviewed live about 4pm and they will show the documentary for the second time at this point. Then they will bring us on again one more time around 6:30 pm for another live interview and to show the documentary for a third and final time.

Pray for Jason, Liam and I that our time on television will be God honouring and that we will also do a good job of representing the Mac Kids. Please pray for the families that currently have a child that is hospital. It is a difficult journey and they need us to pray on their behalf. Pray for the doctors, nurses and other medical staff that work at the hospital as they give of themselves to help children. Pray that the people in our community and the surrounding area would hear about the needs at the hospital and decide to give. Pray that the fundraising goal would be met and that more kids like Liam will be helped. Pray that above all else God would be glorified in all that we say and do.

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  1. You guys were awesome!!!! All three of you (with speaking parts) were great ambassadors for God. I am sure he is smiling on you all. The three with non speaking parts looked simply marvelous!! YEAH GOD!!! and you get to do it all again next year... how cool that all the world will continue to track your story. Our God IS an awesome GOD!!!

    Love you