Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Birthday Celebrations

We have just come back from an extended long weekend of rest up north at the McGibbon family cottage. Despite the cold ,we laughed and played in the sunshine, rested and sat around the campfire and just enjoyed being with one and other without lots of distractions. We also celebrated Liam's 9th birthday! Can you believe it! Although we tried to keep the celebrations as normal as possible I found myself at times wanting to shout. "God did it! He carried us through! We are still here as a family, facing each day as it comes. The good, the bad and more often just plain crazy. Liam is healthy and whole and nine!"

We are six months past Liam's surgeries and as I have tried to process everything that has happened I realize that I have started to worry about what might happen next. Although I did not worry when we were in the middle of the intense unknown of Liam's health issues, I have become complacent in the day to day rigors of life and I have let Satan get a foot hold to steal my joy. I need to be vigilant in remembering my spiritual markers, in remembering all that God has done. The great thing about being a Christ follower is that U-turns are not only allowed when you are on the wrong path but encouraged! So as I too look forward to another year (Liam and I share a birthday), I will be looking to remember all that God has done and to revel in the freedom of the joy that He has given.
Remember to watch for more posts about the MacKids Telethon on May 31st.

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  1. I how I miss you Kimberley! Happy Birthday to you and Liam. The second paragraph of your post is awesome. I am also battling Satan in this area. We MUST constantly remember the amazing things He has carried us through. U-turns are mandatory:-) Love you my dear friend.