Monday, 11 May 2009

Bus Shelters and Laughter

I was out and about on Friday afternoon with Liam, Caroline and TJ in the car. As I waited at a light I looked across the street and to my surprise and utter astonishment Liam's smiling face was staring back at me from a bus shelter! The kids will tell you I was so shocked that I couldn't form any words. I just kept saying " Oh.. oh..oh..Liam" and I pointed. Liam very nonchalantly said "Oh mom is freaking out because it's my MacKid's poster". By this time the light had turned green and as I turned the corner we were all laughing so hard that I could barely drive. Good thing we only only had one block to go until our destination.

Our friend Cheri has made a game out of finding Liam on bus shelters. She even dragged her very patient husband out on a photo scavenger hunt style date to see how many they could find and take photos of in one evening. I think she said it was seven. As I said, Gerald is a very patient man!

So if you are out and about in this neck of the woods and you see a familiar face smiling back at you from a bus are not crazy it is Liam.

Liam and his dad took this shot to commemorate the occasion.

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