Wednesday, 28 January 2009

A Surpise Snow Day

It is a snow day here in the growing town of Milton. I didn't realize it was going to snow at all until late last night so it is bit of surprise. Everything is already covered in white and the snow just keeps coming. Buses are not running, schools are closed and roads and highways are slow and slippery. As I look out the window it does not seem too bad but apparently looks are deceiving.

It is fairly quiet here at the McGibbon house. My kids are at the dining room table working on their math and spelling. One of the benefits of homeschooling is that the snow doesn't stop us. I am not sure that the kids see it as a benefit but it works for me. The snow has cancelled a program that I am involved with today so I have gained some unexpected extra hours and I am able to post and spend some time in prayer.

I have been contemplating my prayer life as of late. During the journey with Liam's health, my soul was reawakened not only to the power of prayer but to it's necessity for my spirit. Prayer is a funny thing for me. Experience has taught me that prayer is not only a blessing but it is essential for my walk with God. I love to pray. It is not something I do as a last resort or just because I think I should do it. I truly am astounded by the fact that little old me has the privilege to talk to Almighty God and that He is listening. I have to confess though, I have struggled with a consistent and concerted prayer time. My mind is prone to wander. Thoughts and distractions flood into brain. I try to push them out but sooner or later while I am praying, stray ideas of grocery lists, organizational details for my kids start popping into my head. The next thing you know I have lost my train of thought and my mind is running off on a tangent that has nothing to do with spending time in God's presence.

Earlier this month, a good friend with her family moved back overseas to serve as missionaries. I asked God to help me to not just pray for her but to truly intercede on her families behalf everyday for their safety and their ministry. Now, my friend is really smart. Before she left she gave me a book by Mary Ann Bridgewater called "Prayers for the Faithful". I started the book the day her family hit the ground in their new country. It is a daily prayer guide for Christians serving around the world. To help you pray God's Word the author uses the acronym:
P-R-A-Y to guide you everyday. She explains it as follows:

"P stands for praise and thanksgiving to God, for who He is and what He has done. R stands for Repentance and Confession. We are instructed from God's Word to take thought of the sin God reveals to us, to confess it, asking God to forgive us, and to take hold of the truth that will wash us and empower us to be holy. A is for asking. Asking is when we make intercession, praying in the Spirit...praying that God's plans and purposes will be accomplished... Y is for yielding. Yielding is submitting your heart, soul and mind before God, listening to His voice and being obedient to His commands..."

This guide has been a real blessing in keeping me focused but most of all God has been faithful in answering my sincere prayer for a compelled heart to pray on behalf of not only my friends serving overseas but my children, my husband, our ministry in Milton and for those that do not know the overwhelming wonder of His love. So take heart if you struggle in your prayer life bring it to the Father.

"The Holy Spirit is the greatest teacher of prayer. Lord, teach us to pray."

- Anonymous

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