Monday, 5 January 2009

A Belated Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I know I am almost two weeks behind. In all fairness, last year it took me a month to write my first post of the year so things are looking up!

Life at our beloved zoo has been blissfully crazy to the point that sometimes I just laugh hysterically to myself instead of tearing out my hair. Our Christmas was wonderful. We had great celebrations with family and quiet moments with Jesus. Jason's brother Brandon and his girlfriend Nathalie got engaged just before Christmas in Switzerland while visiting her family. We are thrilled and so happy for them both. The kids are over the moon as they love Nathalie and have not really kept it a secret to Uncle Brandon that they wanted her to be their Aunt. We can't wait to celebrate with them.

We had a few hiccups over the holidays in that Trinity Joy is terrified of Santa Claus. We told her that he is not real and he is just a story book character but that did not seem to help. She would not even go in a mall until we convinced her that Santa was not there. She would start to get upset when other kids talked to her about Santa and told her that he comes in her house when she is asleep on Christmas Eve. Oh boy....there were a few tears over that one. She even told other kids that there was no Santa because her mommy said so! I am sure I am not the most popular mother on the block.

Our other little hiccup is that it has snowed. Now, I like the snow but Liam likes it more. He is driving us crazy to go tobogganing. I think he has forgotten all about his, not one, but two brain surgeries and that his bones are not yet healed. Almost everyday he tries to play let's make a deal! Although there are points where it gets a bit much, I have to admit that I even feel blessed to argue with him. I am constantly reminded of what a miracle God has allowed us to experience.

A few people have asked for an update on Liam. The truth is he is doing remarkably well. He is pretty much just the same as he was before the surgeries and his hair is growing like crazy. He started swimming lessons last week and tomorrow night he is off to his beloved basketball. He has been chosen to be the poster boy for the McMaster Children's Hospital Telethon and fundraising campaign. So if you live in the Hamilton area you are going to be seeing him on bus shelters soon! We are attending a kick-off dinner and dance next week on Thursday January 22nd. They will be introducing him there. It is suppose to be on the CHCH News at night so if you are up and want to see us in our finest make sure you tune in. The kids are all very excited as the girls have to wear dresses and the boys dress-shirts and ties. We don't have all of Liam's outfit yet but he wants to look spiffy. We did get the boys shoes at a second hand store here in town. Yeah! Liam's requirement was that the soles were good for dancing! It should be quite a night. I will take some photos and try to post the next day for all to see! Liam has to have another needle and MRI on February 6th. This one will determine the next course of action for treatment since they were unable to get all of the tumour. We are praying that everything looks good. Our appointment with oncology is on March 3rd.

Thank you to all who keep encouraging me to write and who keep checking this blog. I will endeavor to write as often as I can!


  1. Kim!
    It is so wonderful that Liam is doing so well. Were you able to talk him into head gear for the basketball?????
    We continue to pray for you all and especially that all is well with the needle and MRI.
    You are an awesome family and we thank you for letting us in!

  2. So awesome when you write. I love it. We feel so blessed to be even a small part of your lives and to share a part of your children's lives. It's exciting and amazing to watch Liam and the progress (especially the hair growth). It's so special to watch and know Daniel, Caroline and TJ. Your children are special and so are you and Jay. xxoo