Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Dressing up and heading out!

Life at the McGibbon house is never dull. We have had lots of fun this past week with homeschooling, swimming lessons, basketball and to top it off we had a great time at a Hollywood baby shower. Yes, our family walked the red carpet for our good friend Cheri's grand baby shower. Only Cheri would not have have a normal shower for her daughter, she had to have paparazzi and photo shoots and a red carpet walk. We love Cheri and we all had a great time. My kids thought they were stars and loved posing for shots with their favourite friends.
This Thursday we are headed to Hamilton for the McMaster Children's Hospital event. They have asked Jason and I to speak for a few minutes about our experience. We thank God for the opportunities that He is continuing to provide. We think they will be unveiling Liam's poster and there is a ceremony that kick's off the fundraising drive where he will be on stage. We are all excited and looking forward to the fun. So if you have some time turn on CHCH news and hopefully you will catch a glimpse of us!
I will post photos on Friday! Till then be blessed!


  1. K. Little tiny heart attack there... See I read this as Cheri's grand (as in large, wonderful, extreme) baby shower- and for a split second thought Cheri was having a baby....:) Your kids look adorable!

  2. lol .. Aileen that is so funny, Imagine having a baby at 54? lol.. I bet you did have a tiny heart stop at that one. Kimmie.. I love you guys too...! Your kids are awesome...just like my own only I don't have to live with them..haha