Tuesday, 16 September 2008

An Update for Liam

It has been a while since we posted a formal update for Liam. It is not that we have forgotten but we have been waiting for an appointment at St. Joesph's in Hamilton for a special MRI. We are still waiting for that appointment but there has been some news on Liam's surgery date. McMaster is now in the process of booking the Operating Room and Liam's surgical team. They are looking at mid October now and the date will probably be the 15th, 17th, 22nd, or 24th. As soon as we have a firm date for either MRI or his surgery we will let everyone know. We are hoping to put together prayer support for each hour that Liam is in surgery and in the intensive care unit.

We continue to praise God for His hand of healing on Liam. Liam has not had a migraine since the second week in July. It has been a blessing to see him pain free and playing with his brother and sisters, playing basketball and goofing around with temporary tatoos so he can drive his mother crazy! (see photo) Thank-you for continuing to bring Liam before God in your prayers. You have no idea how grateful we are to have brothers and sisters in Christ from around the world standing with us. Our amazing God has also provided a way for us to travel next week to Asheville, North Carolina to a global missions celebrations at Biltmore Baptist church. Liam has been cleared by the doctors and is thrilled to be going with us to visit all his friends at Biltmore. Everyone is very excited especially since we did not think we would be able to participate. Finally, we have seen God's hand clearly on our family as we navigate this difficult time. In times where Liam has been worried about his tumor and his treatment, God has given both Jason and I words far wiser and more comforting than we would have been able to come up with on our own. Please pray that we will continue to look to God for all the answers that we need.

Moving forward, we would ask for continued prayer for Liam's health, pray that he would eat more of the "good" food that he needs to eat, for safe travel as we head to Asheville next Monday, for all of our kids as the time to Liam's surgery draws closer, for extra patience and wisdom for me as I home school all the children and for all the details of Liam's treatment to fall into place.

Liam would also like to ask that as you pray for him that you would pray for his new friend Jana-May that lives in Germany. At just four years old she is going through treatment for Leukemia. Please pray for her health, that she would not be afraid of the needles and that her energy would continue to return and that she would be able to play.


  1. Blessings on you and your family. May God continue to reveal himself to you. May you feel his comfort always.

    Linda Lord

  2. Liam!!
    Keep driving your mother crazy. It's good for her. If you want some really crazy tatoos give me a call...(haha)... We will pray with you Liam for your new friend Jana-May in Germany. Hey... why don't you come into the store and make a personal journal book for her. You could mail it to Germany.

    Love Ya,

  3. You guys are in our prayers at Biltmore Baptist Church. We look foward to see you next week. Can't believe its already been over two months since we were in Canada. Have a safe trip down and maybe I'll see you on Wednesday. Shelley and I both will be singing in the choir Wednesday night.

    We love ya'll,

  4. Hey Liam - You don't know me, but I'm a friend of your Grandma McGibbon's at school. I am praying for you and your family! I know that God loves you sooooooo much and that he's right there with you. Your Grandma, of course, loves you like crazy, too, and lots of her friends at school are praying for you. Love the tatoos - keep smilin'!