Saturday, 27 September 2008

Southern Food and Downtown Asheville

Jason has been looking forward to this day. Today is the day that he went out with some of the guys from Biltmore to a real southern restaurant for biscuits and gravy. He knew it was going to good from looking at the signs and the fact that they serve sweet tea for breakfast. Even though biscuits and gravy was only a side order Jason was so full he didn’t eat lunch. I on the other hand am not a big fan of this southern dish so I went out with some of the girls to a large garage sale in a very posh neighbourhood. What is one man’s trash is definitely another one’s treasure, as people were selling leather furniture, artwork, tractors, a vespa and many other items. I personally bought a large rainstick that was originally from ten thousand villages. Although it was not as fancy as some of the items being sold I thought it was a great deal. Mostly I had a great time with the girls who took me. It was great to get to know them and to be able to answer their questions about Canada. Maybe we will see some of them on the next mission trip from Biltmore. That would be great.

In the afternoon we made a trip into downtown Asheville. It was fabulous. The downtown core is very artsy with lots of studios, galleries and music clubs. They still have a Woolworths and we went into a general store.

For dinner the bible fellowship groups that Kendra and Trudy belong to came to Kendra and Paul’s house for a picnic. Originally this was planned for a local park but they are closed because of the gas shortage. The food and the company were all amazing. It was great to meet so many more people from Biltmore. We got to have our bonfire and it did not rain. Trinity finally got to get up close with the cows. It was so cute.

Tomorrow is a big day. Biltmore has three services and bible fellowship times in the morning. Pray that we will be able to make more connections tomorrow and that we will all speak well on behalf of the Sanctuary. We will be speaking at a bible fellowship group at 9:30 am and then attending the 11:00 worship service. After a quick lunch we will set up our booth for the global mission festival of cultures. Everything wraps up around 6pm. I am not sure if I will be able to get a connection to update the blog before we have to leave for home early the next day. I will defiantly try! If not I promise to update it once we have returned.

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