Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Sunday Worship and Fesitval of Cultures

Sunday was a fabulous day. Jim, Joy, Elva-Jean, Leon, Jason and I were invited to speak at one of the Bible Fellowship Group classes. There were actually two classes that merged for the morning to hear us speak. It was great to be able to share about what is happening in Milton. Each couple took a line from our vision statement which is, “A growing family of friends giving ourselves away proclaiming the Kingdom of God.”. We then shared stories about what is happening in Milton in relation to the line we had. It was good to remember all the amazing things that have happened in our little church over the year. We were encouraged by the BFG classes and we invited them to come again for a mission trip. Jim even challenged them that we have never had a mission team in the winter and would love to host one!

After the BFG class we attended the 11:00 am worship service. Biltmore has a great choir, orchestra and praise band. Liam was again dancing up a storm! We heard some more testimonies from missionaries and there was a wonderful guest speaker who really challenged all of us in the room.

The afternoon was spent getting ready for the Festival of Cultures. We set up our booth with Canadian happy flags, beach balls and even Canadian windsocks! We had our button maker a set up and were ready to help kids or kids at heart make some cool Canadian buttons! We even had our super duper button maker expert Amber from Biltmore who did not get enough button making when she was in Milton in the summer! The festival itself was huge! I have no idea how many people attended but it seemed like a lot. They had live cultural entertainment, inflatables, and lots of different booths hosted by missionaries and ministries at the church and of course food! Our kids had a great time discovering all the things to see and do. Many people stopped by the booth with the crazy Canadians. They made buttons but they also signed up to receive our partner newsletter and took prayer cards to pray for our congregation. We had some great conversations.

We were very tired when evening rolled around and the festival was over but we were also sad to say goodbye to our Biltmore friends. Once our booth was packed up and the kids were rounded up it was time to depart. We can not thank Biltmore Baptist enough for the opportunity to come and learn, for the opportunities to talk to so many of you about Milton and for the way that y’all loved on us and our children while we were there. It was truly a special trip for our family. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!

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  1. Thanks for the super duper button maker compliment.

    It was so great having all of you guys down! Glad you made it home safely! Keep in touch! *HUGS*