Friday, 18 July 2008

Update for Liam

Below is the update for Liam that we sent out this week.

Hey everyone,

A quick update on Liam:

God has been so good! We have already been in to have Liam’s MRI (they had a cancellation last Friday that we were able to squeeze into while on the way to get the other kids from camp!). We managed to get into the specialist and have his MRI all in the same week!

The surgeon called Monday and confirmed again some of the good news from our last meeting: It is not cancer and it is not currently putting any pressure on his brain.
We also learned that it is not vascular but is a low grade growth. Based on its position, shape and Liam’s age this is apparently a very unusual case, and not at all typical. The doctor will be spending the next two weeks consulting with numerous colleagues and preparing a plan to present to us. Based on our conversation it sounds like there is a good possibility that either a biopsy or surgery to remove it will be required. Your continued prayers for Liam’s health would be very much appreciated. We have been printing out the prayer responses and putting them in a book for Liam. This is a special book that he can take to future appointments, treatments etc. Please know that all of your prayers have been an amazing witness to Liam, about the body of Christ. He is excited to see each and every one.


  1. Kimberley, I love you so much and pray for you always. My prayers are continually with Liam. I pray God keeps you close and protected.
    You faith and trust is such an example to me. To watch you trust God and know that you know like you khow that God is totally in control.


  2. Liam,
    We love you so much and miss you terribly. As soon as we heard about your headaches and tumor, we began to pray for you EVERY day. We have been at conference centers, campgrounds, hotels, and friends houses for the past 2 weeks, but at each place we have found a special time to kneel as a family and pray for you and your parent's/family. We want to walk with you on this journey, keeping our eyes on Jesus.

    Love, The Langleys