Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Request for Prayers for Liam

I have had some requests to put our request for prayer for Liam up on my blog where people can find it. Below is what we sent out last week. One of the questions that we have had is how old is Liam. Liam is 8 years old and will be starting grade 3 in the fall. I will try to put regular updates on this blog as well. If you would like to receive our emails just let me know.

Also please pass on this blog or our email to any people that will pray for Liam. We are making a prayer book for Liam with any reponses and prayers that are sent for him. He will be able to take this book to his future appointments, treatments etc. Thank-you for all of your prayers.

Dear Friends and Family,

I am writing to share a personal prayer request for my son Liam. Liam has been suffering from migraine headaches for a number of months now, and a few weeks ago a bad migraine at school led us to take him to the emergency room at the hospital. The doctors sent us for a precautionary CAT scan. Last Thursday we had a follow up exam in which we were informed that Liam has a calcified mass in the right lateral ventricle of his brain. We have already seen the Lord at work, through a family member, who was able to arrange for Liam to have an appointment with a top specialist the very next week. That appointment was yesterday and we received some positive news regarding the immediate future. The doctor confirmed that the tumor is not cancerous, and that it is not at present putting pressure on his brain or on blood flow and is thus not an immediate threat. We are certainly thankful and giving praise that we have a temporary respite.
Liam will be having an MRI scan done in the next few weeks to help us get a better understanding of the exact nature of the tumor. Based on what the scan reveals, we will be determining the next steps to best deal with the tumor. There are a number of possibilities as to what the mass may be, some of which can be treated non-surgically. It could also be a tumor that has stopped growing, and not a threat to Liam’s health in which case we would just have to have it monitored over the next few years to ensure it does not become a problem. There is still the possibility, however, that a very difficult surgery will be required in order to remove the tumor which is right in the middle of his brain.

We would ask that if you are the praying type, you would consider joining us in praying over these next few weeks or months as we seek to determine the next steps. We would also ask that you pray for whatever opportunities God has in mind as we go through these next weeks. We have really been challenged to not dwell on the “why” questions but rather focus on the “what” and “how” questions. Reflecting on Romans 8:28 which reminds us that “in all things God works for the good of those who love him” we are asking that God would open our eyes and hearts to how He is going to use this for good and what He might do in and through this situation and in and through us. I have attached a picture of Liam and welcome you to print it out to use as a prayer reminder. Feel free to also pass this request along to anyone you know who might be willing to pray.

If you are not the praying type, I think that Liam would ask “why not?” (He doesn’t often miss the opportunity to ask spiritual questionsJ).

We feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends, family and supporters to walk with us. We give thanks for all the support that you have and continue to provide our family, our church and all that God is doing here in Milton.

If you have the opportunity to ask Liam about the situation feel free. The doctor did an amazing job of sharing with him and of showing and explaining the cool pictures of his brain! He has since nick named the mass “tubby the tumor”, so feel free to ask him about it.


The McGibbon Family

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