Wednesday, 23 May 2007

What does God think on our Birthdays?

My youngest son and I share the same birthday. We celebrated this past long weekend at Jason's parent's cottage. It is fun to share a birthday with him. I admit that not long ago he came up with a plan to move my birthday to August so he could have the day all to himself but I still think it is fun. As I sat on the beach over looking Georgian Bay and watching the kids play in the sand I was in a reflective mood. My son came and sat beside me. "So do you feel different?" He asked. "No buddy. How about you? Do you feel different today?" I responded. "I feel 7 today." He said. "Hey Mom, What do you think God is thinking about us today, since it is our birthday?" Now, I should be use to this type of questioning from my son but it was my birthday and I was relaxing so I was caught off guard . "Well" I began. "I don't know ... What do you think?"I asked. Trying to delay my answer until I could get me brain in gear. "I think He thinks I am doing pretty good for 7." He said matter of factly. "Really, why do you think that?" I asked. " Because I know Jesus is His Son and He died so we could be with God again and I like the colour orange and so does God." Before I could respond the other kids called him and my son was off running and I was left with my thoughts. I wonder what God does think on our birthday?


  1. Well........I think He thinks we are just younguns, even though we may feel older than dirt. It is a great question....I will be thinking about this, better yet I think that I will just ask Him.

    I was touched by Liam's sharing a favourite colour with God. it caused me to think of God and forever So ....
    I like nachos and so does God. I think I will just have to set a date with Jesus and share a plate of nachos and a glass a coke with two straws when I go to where He is preparing a place for us. We have lots to chat about, Jesus and me. I am anxious for those days. What fun we are going to have.

    "Let heaven fill your thoughts. Do not think about things down here on earth." Col 3:2

    Happy Birthday Guys!

  2. No kidding... I wonder what He does think on our birthdays. I think it would be something like this... "today I celebrate with you - silently as I clap with joy that you my precious child has chosen to follow me. That you have chosen to be obedient in the ways that you have. I celebrate my child with you you celebrate this wonderful day. I love you". God.

    I love that child of yours - especially as he loves orange too.