Tuesday, 29 May 2007

A Distant Rain

The other day it rained. I love a good rain storm. At first, you hear the occasional drop...drop...drop. Sometimes, as you look off into the distance you can see the rain coming like the photo above. Then as you began to listen, the drops get closer together and they get faster and louder and you sense that a storm is brewing. Before long you are enveloped in the sound and you know that there is nothing that is exposed that the rain will not touch.

Sometimes, I feel God works like a rain storm. You sense the rumblings that He is beginning to do something. He makes you spiritually aware and you start looking to see what is happening. You see him working and weaving circumstances, and lives together. He begins to prompt your spirit to join Him in His work. Sometimes though, we can be too busy to miss what He is doing and His work happens all around us and we never notice. We go untouched because we have not exposed ourselves to His promptings. Other times, we are open to where He is working and we become enveloped in what He is doing and He touches every part of our lives that we have left open to Him.

Right now, I am watching a distant rain. In my quiet times in prayer, in His word and through circumstances He has made me keenly aware that He is calling me to be involved in what He is doing. I have many questions about what will this storm of "His working" look like? What will happen in the end? What exactly does He want me to do?

The following is a great song by Delirious? (http://www.myspace.com/delirious You can listen to the song here) It is a good one and is on their Worldservice album. As I continue to pray about what I see God doing I will be definitely be turning this one up loud and dancing in my living room.

Rain Down
Written by Martin Smith/Stuart Garrard copyright 2003 Curious?Music UK

Looks like tonight, the sky is heavy
Feels like the winds are gonna change
Beneath my feet, the earth is ready
I know its time for heaven's rain
It's gonna rain

Cos it's living water we desire
To flood our hearts with holy fire
Rain down all around the world we're singing
Rain down can you here the earth is singing
Rain down my heart is dry but still I'm singing
Rain down rain it down on me.

Back to the start, my heart is heavy
Feels like it's time, to dream again
I see the clouds, and yes I'm ready
To dance upon this barren land
Hope in my hands

Do not shut, Do not shut, Do not shut the heavens
But open up, open up, open up our hearts

Give me strength to cross this water
Keep my heart upon your altar
Give me strength to cross this water
Keep my feet don’t let me falter


  1. Oh no... the words you shared about watching distant rain jumped off the paper at me tonight... I hear the distant beating of drums... the anticipation of something exciting to come...something that will take your breath away.....YIKES


  2. Kimberley,

    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. I appreciate you taking time to comment.

    I LOVE that picture on this post!