Tuesday, 19 October 2010


I like to read.  In fact, I love to read.  I like books, real books that I can hold in my hand and curl up with on the couch or in a chair.  I know I am old fashioned.  No Kindle yet for this girl.  I read a lot.  On average I probably finish at least one book a week if not two.  I have been known to stay up way past my bedtime to read just one or two or three more chapters.   I read for myself but I also read to our kids.  You can often find us hanging out together at the end of the day and I am reading all four kids a chapter from the latest book that we are reading.   It is fun to share books together as a family, to go on adventures without even leaving our family room, to have discussions about things that have happened in history and to hear your kids beg, "Oh one more chapter Mom please!".  So I thought I would start to share with you some of the books I read.  You may even see another post later today....or if life gets crazy sometime soon.  Some will be books I read myself and some will be books that I am sharing with the kids.  Some will be books by christian authors and some won't.  I get most of our books from our local library.  I love libraries, but that is another post.

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