Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Liam's Health Update

We travelled back to McMaster today with cookies and a bible to get the news about Liam's latest MRI scans. Liam made the cookies for his neuronocolgy team and Dr. Singh's boys. He left the bible in the neuroncology kids waiting room with his usual note and a please pick me up sign. We were hoping that everything would be clear and Liam would not have to return for a year but although most of the news was good he is still on the six month follow-up protocol. We were a bit disappointed but I guess we just need to be patient.

The good news is that Liam's tumour is still gone. There has not been any changes or any growth in relation to the actual tumour that they removed. This really is great news and we are praising God for a clean scan in this area. There were some other changes in the scan that they would like to watch and hence Liam needs another scan in six months. They have told us not to worry but his right ventricle was slightly enlarged in this scan. This is a different development than from his last MRI so they want to monitor it. It is not enlarged enough to cause pressure on the brain or to require surgery but they want to see him again in six months. Recommendations were also made that Liam see two different specialists. A pediatric neurologist to address some involuntary motor function concerns and a pediatric opthamologist to look at his optic nerve in his right eye which apparently is an odd shape. Some of this may sound a little alarming but it really isn't and although we wanted to be on the just a yearly check-in protocol we are happy that they are keeping a close watch on Liam.

Thanks so much for all the prayer and the notes today and we will keep updating as we have more news.

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  1. Thanks for the update Kim. Send Liam our best and keep us posted.

    The Evangelistas