Thursday, 9 October 2008

Liam Has a Surgery Date

We have some news. Liam's surgery is now scheduled for Wednesday, November 5th. He will be admitted to the hospital on November 4th (if there is a bed, if not he can't go until 2 hours before the surgery time) and then the actual surgery will take place on the 5th. Even though it is not any of the dates that we had been given Liam is happy about it. It is after our annual "Shine Your Light " event at our house on October 31st and before Christmas!

Our next bit of news is that we also have been given a date for Liam's special MRI. It will be one week today on Thursday October 16th at 9:00 am at St. Joseph's hospital in Hamilton. Liam is a bit worried about this test. He has to have at least one needle and the test itself will longer than the last MRI that he had. St. Joe's does not have the video goggles that he got to use the last time at McMaster which brought down his anxiety. We are thankful that he has been able to get this appointment. There are only two MRI machines of this kind in all of Ontario. We have been told that they will be able to map out all the areas of his brain for it's different functions. So they will know exactly where the part of his brain that controls his speech will be etc. The other tests on the this machine will map out all of the veins and arteries in Liam's brain. These three tests will help Dr. Singh and her surgical team come up with the best possible route to help remove the tumour.

I will try to update the blog the afternoon after the tests to let you know how they went.

Our prayer requests continue to be to pray for complete healing for Liam. Pray for peace for Liam about his MRI next week and that it will go smoothly. Pray for Dr. Singh and her team as they take the test results and plan Liam's surgery. Pray for Daniel, Caroline and Trinity that they will not be worried about Liam. Pray that there would continue to be opportunities to share the good news and hope of Jesus with those we are building relationships with through Liam's illness. Pray that the bible that Liam will leave at his appointment next week will be opened and read by someone who needs to hear about Jesus. Pray for Jason and I as parents and that we would rely on Jesus to sustain us. As the day is now set I personally am dreading the moment in which I will have to let go of Liam's hand as they take him into surgery. Pray that I will remember to trust that Jesus will go with him where I can't.

Thank-you again to all for your continued support through prayer. We will never be able to express how much it helped and encouraged us.

Below are just some funny photos of the kids when I took them to the pumpkin patch this week.


  1. Kim, We are praying for you all, everyday, multiple times...May the Lord continue to be your strength and joy.
    Love, Jenn and the Burnett crew

  2. Please know that your friends are carrying this burden with you. We love Liam and the rest of your family as our own. *Hugs*

  3. I just want you guys to know that Shelley and I and our family join with you in prayer for Liam. Even though I can't physically be there with you, I will be there in my heart, lifting you, Jason, Liam, Daniel, Caroline and Trinity up to the one who will be there with all of you.

    Love you all,

  4. Thinking of you today, Blessings,
    The Lord Family