Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Fun Things Kids Say

Sometimes kids say the funniest things when they are hanging out with each other. I thought I would pass on this little story. It will give you a bit of a giggle!

This past weekend I was at my Mom's for a bridal shower. While we were there TJ got into a disagreement with her five year old cousin Fiona. As I helped them to work it out I encouraged TJ to say she was sorry and to give her big cousin a hug. They were both hugging and saying they were sorry. It was so sweet. The next thing you know TJ was trying to hold Fiona's hand because she wants to thank Jesus that they are friends again. Her cousin has no idea what TJ s trying to do and she is trying to go back to playing and TJ is saying, "No Fiona, let's pray, right now." Fiona said, "We don't need to pray we already ate!"

1 comment:

  1. Kim... That is way to cute!!! TJ makes me smile :)