Saturday, 4 December 2010

Day 3 - Exchanging our gifts to sponsor a child

Day 3 of our experiment was very exciting.  This weekend we have two different extended family Christmas parties.  It is fun to get together and we often bring small gifts to exchange with those we love.  Today, we decided to put the money we would normally spend on gifts for extended family and friends into something other than small trinkets that really didn't express how we felt about them or how we felt about Christmas.  Instead, we decided to sponsor a child with Compassion International, in honour of the family and friends that we love.  The cool part about this is that the kids decided they wanted to give their own money each month too. 

So why Compassion?  Our kids picked it.  We asked them to research different child organizations from which we could sponsor a child.  They got on the Internet and googled different organizations.  After their research they had lots of different reasons why they thought Compassion fit the values of our family best but really it boiled down to Compassion's ministry focus.  As quoted from their website the organization is:
  • Christ-centered
  • Child-focused 
  • Church-based
So today, we sat on the computer and decided on a child to sponsor.  The kids criteria was pretty simple. They wanted to sponsor a child that had been waiting a long time.  At first they thought it would be a girl.  In the end, they felt drawn to a boy that had been waiting longer than another other child there,  almost 500 days.  His name is Silvan, he is 8 years old and he lives with his grandparents.  We are already planning on writing a letter to him to begin a friendship.  We are all looking forward to learning more about him and his life on the other side of the world.

Already much discussion has begun in our house.  Challenging discussions about how we have so much when some have so little and how we live out Jesus' love for all.  It is good discussions and ones that need to be had.

If you feel drawn to sponsoring a child please check out Compassion Canada.  There are so many children waiting for over a year for sponsor. 

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  1. Hi Kim!
    I've been checking your blog regularly lately to see your Advent Conspiracy ideas. Our family is also trying to focus on giving instead of receiving. I'm so excited about your post as I'm also a Compassion sponsor. I truly believe in this organization and the relationships I have with my sponsored children have been a blessing to my life. I recently went to visit them and it was a life-changing experience. Wow, all of this to tell you that I wish you all the best with Silvan, he will be a blessing in your lives!