Friday, 15 January 2010

Free Recipe Friday - For the Birds!

Just before Christmas, little Miss Trinity Joy came to me worried about her bird friends in our backyard and how they would find food with it covered in snow.  So we decided to make them a fun little treat of edible garland.

All you need for this one is:
Bird Seed
Peanut Butter
An orange
An apple
String or yarn
a cookie cutter

Trinity cut shapes out of bread with our cookie cutter, coated the shapes with peanut butter and then pressed them in a bowl of bird seed until they were covered.  Then I sliced the orange and the apple into thick slices and she strung our yarn through the shapes and slices.  This is super activity for young kids because they can do quite a bit themselves.  We then took our garland and hung it in our backyard and waited for our feather friends to find it. 

Tip:  As Trinity made the bird seed shapes I stuck them in the freezer.  They are easier to string if they are a little hard.

This garland works best in cold weather.  We did have a little problem a week after we hung our garland because the weather warmed up and it rained really hard on Christmas.  It soaked our bread and made it too heavy and the shapes fell off the string but our dogs liked the treat so at least someone was happy.  The good news is that these are really easy to make so it is no problem to make another garland if unexpected rain hits your area when you should have snow!


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  1. SO CUTE... and TJ was eating the makings.. I see it on her face and a bit in her nose! lol..!!! I love it!