Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Dance to the Music

I had a chance last week to spend some time with Liam. Liam is almost 8 years old and he is a passionate kid. He loves basketball, biking, music and hanging out with his family. The other thing about Liam is that he is always making noise. He really can not be quiet. Even at the dinner table he is constantly humming or singing or reciting a rhyme or poem. As you can imagine in a house of seven people, constant noise can be overwhelming. I have to admit it is usually me that gets overwhelmed first. I can't think when the noise level is over a 100 decibels! So over the past few months poor Liam is constantly hearing the words, "Liam please turn your volume down." or "Liam you have to be quieter." or sometimes "Liam, enough! I can't hear myself think."

I have always said that Liam is the kind of kid who is very secure in our love but as I look back I think I have concentrated more in the last little while on the noise that drives me crazy instead of encouraging the boy who wants some attention. He was having a particularly loud day last weekend when I said, "Please Liam, tone it down. You are going to drive me crazy." The next thing I knew Liam was in tears. "You don't like anything I do." was all he could say. I quickly realized that my constant criticism of his volume was being seen as a removal of my love for him. We needed some one on one time together.

Jason took the rest of the kids out for a walk, and I asked Liam if he wanted to stay home with me. "So what do you want to do?" I asked him. "He responded immediately, "Let's dance." Well, the next thing you know there is my son teaching me how to hip hop to the blasting music of "Can I get a Witness?" by Nicolle C. Mullen. (http://www.nicolecmullen.com/ )

Let's just say it was a good thing that the blinds were closed or the neighbours would have gotten quite a show. After he had played the song a few times I finally had to say that I needed to rest. If the truth be told I thought I might pass out! We laughed some more as we lay on the floor looking up at the ceiling and listening the Newsboys. Once I caught my breath and the oxygen started returning to my brain I realized this was one of those moments with Liam that I would remember forever. How blessed I am that God would allow me to raise such an amazing kid. Now I just need to remember to always be showering him with copious amounts of love as well as encouraging him to adjust his volume. Who knows one day Liam might even be able to teach me how to dance!


  1. Very sweet. Made me miss Liam. The boys were wishing they could play with him the other day. We only have a week left in FL. Hopefully, the weather in MT will be nicer than when we left.
    I still want to talk.


  2. Wow... I want Liam to teach ME how to dance. I love the noises he makes..haha... well then I dont' have to live with him 24 / 7... nor him with me. He'd be complaining about ME!! I love Liam as much as my own....